Tea Sun room 8

Sun- / tea room

If you wish to hire our Sun-/ Tea Room for any special occasion

Make an online reservation for the conference room. 
For more information, please contact us at 021 975 50 68
[email protected]

Sun Room

You have a choice between using our formal Board Room facility or our informal Sun- or Tea room overlooking the garden.  

The set up of our Sun- or Tea room is much more relaxing and will suit better an informal get-together between colleagues and friends. 

Being inside the premises, it offers less privacy than the board room but it overlooks our beautiful terrace and landscaped garden to which guests have easy access to

The sun room is very light and spacious overlooking the peaceful landscaped garden.

The room gives access to the terrace & patio wooden deck of the garden. Another door gives access to the driveway or parking area and is used as the guests private entrance .

Guests or visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

It is a place where one can consult magazines, play a game of chest or scrabble in tranquil surroundings .
Some of my guests welcome their visitors for a short meeting sometimes.

Ideal room to have a short social and informal get-together between friends and colleagues.



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